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71 – 86 | Courageous Life

Congratulations! Based on your results on the Courageous Life™ Assessment, you are currently living a life characterized by being courageous. Courage is something that people are born with. It is something that people grow and develop as time goes on. You have the courage to speak your opinion and give your critical feedback, but you may not be doing it in a loving way. Benjamin Franklin once said that “a man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still.” We live in a society that is becoming increasingly sensitive and we must be careful not to argue the truth. We have to deliver the truth in a loving manner so that people are receptive to it. Living courageous is the harder of the too, but you can continue to hone in your skills of speaking with love and humility.

Great News! You can develop HUMILITY

We’ve created a webinar specific to your level of courageous living. Take the time to watch the quick video so you can learn more about what you can do to continue to hone in your skills. You’re currently living a courageous life but could use some refining in the area of humility. This video will equip you with the skills needed to not only speak truth, but do it in a loving way.

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