One of the most important things today is to have a sense of HOPE. Many people, understandably, are experiencing a penetrating sense of discouragement. There’s so much hate, and so much falsehood circulating these days. The good news is that if you struggle with negativity, despair and the downers, there’s a remedy. To combat despair, look to the face of hope, Jesus Christ.

It’s easy to talk about Jesus, or to read about him in the pages of the Bible — yet to forget that he is the source of all true, lasting hope. He can provide new hope every single morning and throughout every day. Jesus, hope itself, had — and still has — a face. He is just as real today as when he walked the earth the first time. Hope is eternal, and when you put your hope in Jesus Christ, you’re on solid ground. 

To read the Bible is to look to Jesus Christ, the face of hope. That’s time well spent. To buid your hope, look to Jesus, embrace his words, and adjust your life to what he says. That’s one pursuit you’ll never forget. It’s one pursuit that will change your entire LIFE.

Let’s land this plane. The question is simple and significant: how can you build your hope and look into the face of Jesus? Here’s what I have found makes ALL the difference every day of my life — and I know you’ll realize it to be true, too. Find an undistracted place where you live, grab a Bible, and spend a few minutes reading it. (If you can do this at the very beginning of your day, before anything else, it will intensify your time). But before you read, pause and genuinely say this to God, “Open my eyes, heart, and mind to what I’m about to read. I want to see your face. Help me apply what I read to my life.” Then, read. When you’re done reading, pray again, asking God to help you remember what you read so you can put it into action.

If you approach Bible reading this way, you’ll never be the same, because you will have come to realize that reading the Bible is so much more. It is to gaze into the face of its author, Jesus Christ. That is what makes all the difference. 

You may be wondering, “what’s the best version of the Bible?” My answer is always the same — the one you read and apply.


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