In a sit-down, shut-up world.

Courage can be your new way of life.

Download the first chapter of A Call for Courage, free!

Download the first chapter of my book, free!

A Call for Courage



Courage is not something we’re born with. It’s something we develop.

A Call for Courage
is the new book that will help you stand up and speak out in a sit-down, shut-up world. It will teach you how to 
develop courageous humility as your new way of life, so you so you live with power, truth, and love in an age of intolerance and fear.

As Featured in Solutions Magazine!

Develop your game plan so you can navigate through our new world “disorder”!

100,000 people subscribe to Solutions Magazine, for good reasons. Here, they feature an entire chapter from Michael’s Book, A Call for Courage, and you can get it free.

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Podcast: Michael Anthony as Interviewed By Dr. Steve Greene

Podcast: Michael Anthony as Interviewed By Dr. Steve Greene

Michael Anthony is calling for a second American Revolution, for believers to stand up and speak out in today’s sit down and shut up world. That’s what prompted Anthony, the pastor of Grace Fellowship church in York, Pennsylvania, to write his first book, A Call for Courage: Living with Power, Truth and Love in an Age of Intoleranceand Fear.Anthony says it is time for believers to “learn how to speak the truth, stop waiting for the Rapture as a divine bailout” and to “be salt and light in what has become a very distasteful, dark society.”


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