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Life of Christ #60: Clean Your Frying Pan and Let Jesus Cook

Not all physical problems are physical problems. Not all leaders are leaders. Not all ministry is ministry. In this message, we’ll see how Jesus leads, why He did things the way He did, and why we should do things that enable Him to do the “cooking.” Your marriage, relationships, leadership and ministry will enter an entirely new dimension as you learn what it means to see things from God’s perspective as you lead, minister and move with God.

Life of Christ #58: The Real Jesus and the Real Gospel

There are many false Jesus’ out there – and many false ideas of how to get to heaven. Embracing the real Jesus, and the real Gospel, has ramifications in this life and the life to come. Accept not substitutes, because doing so could prove eternally fatal. Follow the real Jesus, and understand the real Gospel, and live your life as an overflow.

Life of Christ #57: The Secret to a Blessed Life

What is the secret to a blessed life? God definitely wants to bless you – and you have more of a say in the matter than you may at first realize. You’ll find yourself among the thousands of people who heard Jesus give this message that is just as relevant today as it was over 2,000 years ago. If you apply what you learn, you’ll be well on your way to living a blessed life. 

Life of Christ #56: Watch Out for the Maniac in the Mosh Pit

What would you do if God loaned you something priceless? The truth is, He already has – and you’ve already begun to use it. What is it – and what are you doing with it?

Find out the priceless gift God has given you in this message that’s sure to help you avoid being a maniac in a mosh pit.

Life of Christ #55: Is There an Unforgivable Sin?

Is there a sin a person can commit that is so serious God will never forgive it? In this passage, Pastor Mike helps us understand the “blasphemy against the Holy Spirit”, why it is so serious, and why God will not forgive it – ever. This message is followed by a Q&A time from the audience.

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