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Ask God to Build Your House - Michael Anthony Courage Matters Blog CourageMatters.com

Ask God to Build Your House

Michael Anthony | February 21st, 2018 | Blog, Leadership

I guess I could lie to you — but lying never did anyone any good, so I won’t. It’s the truth that sets people free. So, I’m going to be really honest. I find myself spending so much of my time trying to recreate paradise — forgetting that Paradise was lost, and won’t be regained […]

Parkland, Parenting and People Skills - Michael Anthony Courage Matters Blog

“Ignore your children, and they will go away.” That phrase, which came to me a number of months ago, after contemplating all that’s happening in our country, won’t let me go. I hope, in a positive way, it won’t let go of you, either. This week’s tragic school shooting in Parkland, Florida is a reminder — for all of us — that life is fragile. But it is far more. It’s a reminder that we need to be a lot more intentional about turning things around than we have been up to this point.

Your Tower of Power - Michael Anthony's Courage Matters Blog

Your Tower of Power

Michael Anthony | February 12th, 2018 | Blog, Leadership, Personal Growth

When I was a boy, my teachers used to warn us not to run in the hallway because we could get hurt, or hurt someone else. How true. But when it comes to the ultimate source of safety, peace, strength and courage, the wisest thing we can do is run — to the LORD.

Hope has a face - Michael Anthony Courage Matters

Hope Has A Face: Jesus Christ

Michael Anthony | February 5th, 2018 | Blog, Leadership, Personal Growth

One of the most important things today is to have a sense of HOPE. Many people, understandably, are experiencing a penetrating sense of discouragement. There’s so much hate, and so much falsehood circulating these days. The good news is that if you struggle with negativity, despair and the downers, there’s a remedy. To combat despair, […]

Let Nothing Keep You From Your Calling - Michael Anthony, CourageMatters.com

Focus on Your Calling

Michael Anthony | February 1st, 2018 | Blog, Leadership, Personal Growth

Even when it’s good, living for God can be hard. On any given day, the decisions we face can be overwhelming, whether we face one or two big ones or a number of small ones that have a cumulative effect. If you’re a leader bent on honoring God, you must not only mind your decisions […]

Set Apart Sex: How To Get Busy With God's Blessing - Michael Anthony Podcast

It’s FRIDAY, everyone! Ready for the weekend? What do you have planned? This video may provide an idea or two. 🙂   Here’s a short video excerpt from my message, “Set Apart Sex: How To Get Busy With God’s Blessing.” You may have heard about sexual immorality, but here’s a message about sexual morality. God created […]

Has your church become a non-prophet organization? - Michael Anthony's Courage Matters Blog

The word “prophet” can refer to someone who has a divine gift to predict the future. It can also refer to someone with a gift to proclaim God-given truths in the here and now. Usually, the first definition is what gets top billing. It’s the second definition that should be getting our attention these days. […]

How To Raise A Son Who Knows How To Love a Woman - Michael Anthony's Courage Matters Blog

The seemingly endless stream of sex scandals has many Americans reeling. If you’re a parent or guardian, you should be paying attention. We’re clearly in the middle of an epidemic. Many men don’t know the first thing about how to treat women with dignity, love and respect. In my Friday op-Ed for the Christian Post, […]