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A Call for Courage - Michael Anthony

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Living with Power, Truth and Love in an Age of Intolerance and Fear
(Published by Thomas Nelson)

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Award-winning communicator, pastor, and radio host Michael Anthony gives Christians a playbook for speaking boldly and confidently in a world that increasingly would have them remain silent and hidden.

Ongoing terrorist attacks. Violence in streets and homes. Growing immorality. Lawlessness. The undermining of the United States Constitution. Opposition to historic, Judeo-Christian values. The distraction and silence of the church. People today feel hopeless and helpless. Fear, hatred, apathy, and violence have merged to form a new world disorder. If America—and the world—don’t experience an uprising of humble courage, we may enter a night so dark it will threaten to make the evils of history green with envy.

At precisely the moment when Christians should be responding with humble courage, we’re cowering—because most of us don’t know what to do. A Call for Courage will help people stand up and speak out in a sit- down, shut-up world. It will mobilize people to walk by faith, not fear, and help ordinary people arise in extraordinary ways to overwhelm apathy, put evil in its place, and turn things around in epic, eternally significant ways.

Michael Anthony reveals what must happen in the lives of everyday people in a world where reverse-intolerance and hatred are on the rise—by offering practical steps we can begin taking today to cultivate courage and help reverse what is happening in our nation and world. 

A Call for Courage will spark a humble revolution in your life, family, church, and the nation. The book’s approach is savvy, courageous, and contagious—exactly the remedy we need in these troubling times. If you want to ignite the flames of courage in your life, family, church, and nation, this is the guide you’ve been looking for. 


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