Download the first chapter of my book, free!

Download the first chapter, free!

Download the first chapter of my book, free!


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“I speak and write to encourage courage — because at this particular time, courage matters more than ever.”

— Michael Anthony

Michael Anthony knows a thing or two about overcoming fear. His life has been marked by adversity, including multiple brushes with death, a battle with cancer, surviving several kidnapping/luring attempts as a child, and being estranged from his father for many years before a powerful reconciliation.

Called an “extraordinary” communicator with a “teachable” and “humble spirit,” Michael is an outside-the-box, innovative leader who is regularly featured in major publications and news outlets around the world. He’s known for his eloquence and the rare combination of a passionate, prophetic voice and a genuinely humble approach to dialogue. Watching, listening or reading what Michael says is always engaging, enlightening and inspiring.

Whether speaking, writing or blogging, he always looks for ways to help people reach their greatest potential and to live with courage in every area of life.

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Ask God to Build Your House

I guess I could lie to you -- but lying never did anyone any good, so I won't. It's the truth that sets people free. So, I'm going to be really honest. I find myself spending so much of my time trying to recreate paradise -- forgetting that Paradise was lost, and...

Parkland, Parenting & People Skills

“Ignore your children, and they will go away.” That phrase, which came to me a number of months ago, after contemplating all that’s happening in our country, won’t let me go. I hope, in a positive way, it won’t let go of you, either. This week’s tragic school shooting in Parkland, Florida is a reminder — for all of us — that life is fragile. But it is far more. It’s a reminder that we need to be a lot more intentional about turning things around than we have been up to this point.

Your Tower of Power

When I was a boy, my teachers used to warn us not to run in the hallway because we could get hurt, or hurt someone else. How true. But when it comes to the ultimate source of safety, peace, strength and courage, the wisest thing we can do is run — to the LORD.


Print, radio & television appearances

Op-Ed: What if the End Is Not Near After All?

AS PUBLISHED IN THE CHRISTIAN POST, FEBRUARY 7, 2018: "For many American evangelicals, the Rapture has become an unintentional psychological crutch for not engaging culture and living as salt and light. Stop sitting on your hands. It's time to get them dirty for...

"If you only read one book this year, read A Call For Courage."
- Dr. Keith Krell


A Call for Courage is a practical handbook on how to stand up and speak out in an age where arrogance and fear are one the rise. It's also available on audio, as read by the author!

Like many other people of faith, you may be concerned about what the future holds for Christians in America. Every day we wake up in a nation and world that is increasingly hostile to our beliefs and values. Even the basic freedoms that define America – speech and religion – are under attack. The result is that many of us have become fearful, apathetic, and detached.

This book will show you how to

  • develop the secret weapons God has given you for courage,
  • handle haters, racists, and everyone in between,
  • overcome attacks against your freedom of religion and speech,
  • speak the truth with love when disagreements threaten to create division, and
  • develop courageous humility as your new way of life.

Don't allow yourself to be immobilized by fear, apathy, or distractions any longer. A Call for Courage will revolutionize your life, family, and church!


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